by Dan Allon

imbroglioIn this project, Allon addresses his German-Israeli identity by mixing his current life events: Traveling to Germany and Switzerland for business and pleasure, his relationship with his German girlfriend and her family, and his personal aspirations to find a home in Germany based on his grandfather’s origins in Leipzig.
The spectator is invited to an installation of an artist’s book, designed as a personal diary made out of drawings of the themes mentioned above, and a series of ready-made letters that are hung upon a green wall. Allon provides a sneak peak into the most intimate moments of his life, allowing the spectator to feel a part of it by blurring the boundaries between private and collective experience.

Dan Allon, born 1982 in Netanya, Israel, lives and works in Tel Aviv. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, educated in Fine Art and Visual Communication. He exhibits regularly in Israel and abroad at fairs, festivals, solo and group exhibitions at galleries, theaters and museums. He works predominantly in the media of live art, sound installations and graphic novels.