Next Stop: Bat-Yam Alexanderplatz

by Guy Königstein

The German-Israeli encounter might never become trivial – not even in fifty, seventy, or even one hundred years time. Moreover, constantly framed as “one-of-a-kind,” it might also never grow out of its prescribed borders, its own “comfort zone”.alexanderplatz1

Overwhelmed by the continuously repeated clichés of “a strong, brave and special friendship,” the live fabrication of visual encounters attempts to charge this so called one-of-a-kind-relationship with new, both personal and collective meaning, to challenge its borders.

By cutting and pasting past into present, replacing here with there and oscillating between them and us, a series of imaginary images is constructed from historical as well as contemporary found photographs. Their growing exhibition takes us through a journey in which time and space are flexible and the final destination remains unknown. Next stop: Bielefeld HaHagana.

alexanderplatz2Guy Königstein, born 1982 in Ramat Gan, Israel, is fascinated by the way personal and collective pasts influence present life and the production of futures. He (re)produces and manipulates political narratives, translates personal memories into visual objects, creates tools for speculative engagement with the present, cooks provocative dishes and performs a flexible biography.