In the Vicinity – An Assembly in Between History and Memory

by Katharina Kellermann


Something happens – What will be remembered and what will we tell? What do we get to see? What do we know? What do we believe?
Something happens – Which situation turns into an image? Which into an historical event? How many meanings does an event have?
Something happens – What does an image show and what do memories say? To which images do our memories stick? Can we hear images?


What can we see when we hear? What do we hear when we cannot see?

This multichannel audio performance is an investigation along and on the margins of the so-called major events of German-Israeli relations. Associative acoustic materials try to develop perceptions and open up memories of history without attempting to represent narratives. The traces of singular historical events gather and lead to other contexts and possible reconstructions of those events.

Katharina Kellermann, born 1983 in Hanau, Germany, is based in Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main. She studied Applied Theatre Studies at Giessen University. She works as an audio artist in the field of performance and choreography. She is working on an artistic PhD Project about acoustic forms of commemoration.