Schwestern / אָחוֹת

by Moran Sanderovich & Veronika Bökelmann

schwestern1Schwestern / אָחוֹת is an encounter between four women, including the performers’ absent sisters. Both sisters were once close to them, yet both have turned towards radically different systems of belief. Veronika’s sister moved from a small town in Germany to India as a Hare Krishna devotee, while Moran’s sister decided to live in an ultra-orthodox settlement in Israel.

Within a structured dialogue, we are introduced to the daily lives of the ‘absent sisters’ by the ones before us, who create a maze of cultural choices, corporeal perceptions, and gender roles. How far are we from our sisters? How much can one really transform? schwestern2

Veronika Bökelmann, born 1978 in Tübingen, Germany, based in Berlin, works at the Department for Fine Arts / Architecture at the TU Berlin. She studied Performance Studies at the TISCH / NYU and at the Norwegian Theater Academy, her own artistic practice explores the threshold between performance and media installations.
Moran Sanderovich, born 1980 in Rehovot, Israel, studied at the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem, currently based in Berlin. Moran uses sculpture, performance, video and drawing to express the human body and how it is perceived. She creates modern, mythological, alternative bodies using silicon, organic materials and found objects.
Photo top left: Dadi Elias.